For the second CIA meeting or as we named it as ‘LETS TAFAQQUH’, we decided to make it different from the common meeting activity while taking our Islamic values into account.

All the CIA members had to draw a praying mat on a piece of cloth using crayons. The motifs are based on plants, sceneries and the most popular is thee motif of mosques considering the fact that we can’t have any animals or any life forms on it. We all had a good time drawing and creating our handmade praying mat while sharing the quality time being a Muslim.

In the end, we compared which sejadah is the best to use for praying: the one which doesn’t have patterns that are too attractive as it can draw our concentration to admire the design instead of devoting our self to Allah. Moreover, there were also discussions about how we can use sejadah to pray almost everywhere indirectly showing that being a Muslim is not a burden, but a bless from Allah the Almighty.

All in all, our programme was a success and below are few moments captured during the activity. Enjoy~

the sejadah designed by our members

the girls and the completed sejadah

showcasing their creativity
next Friday we will be having a meeting again at the A-Level's Common room from 3.30 p.m to 4.30 p.m. Hoping to see you guys again....