Ramadhan Checklist

 Ramadan is the month of excitement for Muslims. Ramadan is the month of revelation of Quran, the month of reading and reciting the whole Quran, the month of increasing Tahajjud and Qiyam al-layl prayers, Sadaqah, Zakah al-Fitr and Zakah al-Mal. Ramadan is also a month of social activities among Muslims.

What to do?
1. Start reading Quran daily.
2. Spend some time listening to recitations from the Quran.

3. Train yourself to wake up early for Salat al-Fajr.
4. Keep yourself in a state of Wudu’ (Ablution) most of the time.
5. Evaluate yourself daily before going to bed.
6. Thank Allah for good deeds, and repent to Him for your mistakes and sins.
7. Start giving Sadaqah daily and make it as a habit.
8. Find time to pray extras, such as Nafals and Tahajjud prayers.
9. Spend more time reading Islamic books especially the Quran, Hadith and Fiqh.
10. Find time to help others with your wisdom, knowledge and other talents.
11. Try to write articles on Islam for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims.
12. Associate with Muslim scholars or ulama and other pious people so, you may learn from them.
13. Train yourself to do good, render free service to others to seek the pleasure of Allah.

What to avoid list during the month of Ramadan?
1. Reduce watching TV, instead spend more time reading the Quran and other Islamic literature.
2. Avoid looking at unlawful pictures, whether magazines, department store catalogs or otherwise.
3. Avoid going to theaters; instead go to Masajid, Islamic organizations and make that a daily habit.
4. Avoid eating too much. Eat only when you are hungry and try not to fill your stomach completely.
5. If you drink Coffee, Tea or Soda, be sure to reduce consumption.
6. If you smoke, try to reduce daily usage; otherwise Ramadan will be very difficult for you to observe.
7. If you like to listen to music, whether the style of western societies or even those from Muslim countries, reduce, even eliminate the time you spent on them; replace them with reciting and listening to recitation from the Quran.
8. If you enjoy playing cards and board games try your best to avoid them as much as possible and fill your time with something useful.
9. If you enjoy going with friends to picnics and other social gatherings, try to reduce it before Ramadan; otherwise fasting the month of Ramadan will be more difficult.
10. If you have friends who do not practice the teaching of Islam, try to avoid socializing with them.
11. If you travel a lot on business, try to do more local business, so you can be more closer to your family and community.
12. If you are used to staying up till midnight, try to go to bed earlier, so that you will be able to wake up early for Salat al-Fajr and Tahajjud prayers as well.

A Quick Checklist :
1. Make a resolve to win the maximum favor of Allah by performing extra Voluntary prayers (Nawafils), making frequent Dua and increased remembrance (Dhikr).
2. Try to recite some Holy Quran after every Prayer.
3. Study the Tafseer (commentary) .
4. Invite a person you are not very close with or your relatives to your home for Iftaar.
5. Bring life to your family! Everyday, try to conclude the fast with your family and spend some quality time together to understand each other better.
6. Give gifts on Eid to at least 5 people: 2 to your family members, 2 to your good friends, and 1 to a person whom you love purely for the sake of Allah. This is in addition to normal ‘Iddiya’ to children.
7. Where applicable, make commitment to join Islamic study circles to learn more about Islam and improve your own life.
8. Donate generously to the mosque, Islamic organizations and any where people are in need or oppressed.
9. Share month of Ramadan and its teachings of peace and patience with your colleagues at work, neighbors and relatives.
10. Sleep little, eat little! Make sure you do not defeat the purpose of fasting by over-indulging in food and being lazy.
11. Seek the rare and oft-neglected rewards of the night better than 1000 months ( Laylatul-Qadr ).
12. Weep in private for the forgiveness of your sins.
13. Learn to control your tongue and lower your gaze.
14. Encourage others to enjoin and love goodness, and to abandon everything that Allah dislikes. Play the role of a Da’ee (one who invites to Allah) with zeal, passion, and sympathy.
15. Experience the joy of Tahajjud prayers late at night and devote yourself purely and fully to Allah in the Itikaf retreat during Ramadan.
16. For extra concerted effort, try to be off work for few last days of Ramadhan for maximum Ibada.
17. Make an effort to reconcile with the people you are not on good terms with. Forgive everyone and keep your heart clean.
18. In all your dhikr, do not forget your parents, your neighbors’, relatives, dead people and other muslims.


Ramadan @ Cempaka

Welcome Ramadan!
أهلا وسهلا يا رمضان
 Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadan

It was quite a long time since the last time we update about C.I.A activities.All this while,we're helping Ustazah Siti Najwa teaching Jawi to the form 1 students every Friday evening.
Guess who are the students among us?

In the spirit of Ramadan,currently we are organising tadarus Al-Quran among the Cempakans.Apart from A Level students who will guide and help them,some teachers and students from Form 1 up to Form 5 are participating this programme that already started last Friday.We hope that it will improve our Quran recitation quality and deepening our understanding about Holy Quran.

All the best for becoming A Level result on 12th August(second day of Ramadan)

Rejab2Ramadan:Teksi 1Malaysia

Teksi,pengangkutan awam yang punya 1001 cerita

Gambar Hiasan(Google)
Ia terkenal dengan kisah tipu tambang,bahkan ada yang mencabul dan merogol penumpang.

Pernahkah pemandu teksi bertazkirah kepada anda,bak Imam Muda Asyraf?

Pesan Seorang BapaPakcik Drebar
Saya:Sesak jalan malam ni ye pakcik.

Pakcik:Ada kemalangan kat situ dik(sambil sebuah bas RapidKL terperangkap di situ)

Saya:Malam minggu pun pakcik,ramai orang keluar.

Pakcik:Jangan ikut orang sangat dik.Yang penting ke mana-mana kita pergi jaga solat...

Simple,tetapi mendalam.Itulah pesan orang tua yang dipandang sebelah mata oleh si muda.Itulah amanat yang saya terima daripada bapa,dan ijazah yang saya perolehi dari Uncle di Gunung Stong.Pasca program BeReS (Bengkel Remaja Super),ia merupakan satu tazkirah penyegar jiwa saya yang sering alpa.Betapa dalam kemeriahan pengkisahan keajaiban Israk Mikraj di bulan Rejab ini,sudahkan kita menilai KPI solat kita?