The CIA fashion show, envisioned by former president Muhammad Fakhruddin, and brought into reality by our dedicated CIA members, was successfully held two days ago, in the North Hall of CIS.

The theme of this event was inspired by the history of silk road, which played an important role in linking the eastern and western countries together, not only economically, but culturally as well. From this interaction arose a new sense of fashion, where concealment was given priority, without compromising beauty and elegance.

The fashion show started off with a short video clip, introducing the role of the silk road. Images of richly yet modestly dressed Muslim women were displayed, further emphasizing the fact that one can still be fashionable without violating religious requirements. It was then followed by a brief opening ceremony by Datuk Hamzah.

The fashion runway, which followed next, was the main highlight of the day. Models clad in a stunning array of costumes showcased the creativity of our local designers. The dresses came in a dazzling myriad of colours and were complemented by accessories and intricate patterns. The models had matching headscarfs on, which were tied in a fashionable manner. Some costumes resembled traditional Malay attire while others drew inspiration from contemporary sources.
Simple yet stylish

Graceful yet concealing

displaying the elegance of the costumes

The runway was divided into two sessions, with a brief interlude in between. The audience was entertained by Maher Zain’s inspirational song ‘Hold My Hand’, sung by our talented members, namely Fadhly Tiansin, Irsyad Khairil and Aiman Adli. Their performance received tremendous applause from the audience, and the fashion runway was resumed.
"Hold My Hand" performance

Looking stunning in Baju Melayu

At the end of the event, the models were presented with souveniers as a token of appreciation. The day came to a perfect end with a group photography session of the models and CIA members.
Overall, the occasion was a success and we hope to organize similar events in the future. 
successful event by CIA members