For this week’s activity, we had a game called HIDE AND SEEK. We put a twist into that all time favorite activity by hiding colored stickers instead of ourselves. It began by dividing all members into two groups by gender. Then, the boys hid their stickers while the girls were having a session regarding ‘The Pillars of Faith in Islam’. The girls were given pieces of paper written the content and they have to set all six of them in order. While waiting for the boys, we had a memorable time watching a wonderful and touching music video by MAHER ZAIN – Always be there.  Meanwhile, the boys were guided by one of the seniors in hiding their stickers. After they can guarantee the safety of their stickers, they switched activity with the girls. 

Time to hide
Then, it’s time for sticker’s hunting!! They all were trying their best to find as many stickers as they could. It came to a moment where both group almost end up tie. Within time given, 10 minutes, finally we had our winner. The girls won as they found 8 out of 16 hidden stickers.At the end of the session, we conclude that no matter how we hard we try to hide something we just can’t hide from Allah. Be honest in life as we will be rewarded for that, maybe not now but hereafter. Insyaallah.

Fun and educational