While approximately about 2 millions Muslim performing Hajj in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, on the 10th Zulhijjah other Muslim around the globe celebrate Aidil Adha (the Festival of Sacrifice).

Every Muslim whose capable are encouraged (sunat muakkadah) slaughtering four-legged animals known as al-an’am such as camels, cows, goats, and sheep after the congregational prayer and 2 short sermons in the morning of Aidiladha.

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The History of Ibrahim’s Family: An Ultimate Sacrifice
Most of us know that Aidiladha is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice of prophet Ismail @ Ishmael a.s by his father prophet Ibrahim @ Abraham a.s as a test given by Allah S.W.T on their faith and devotion. Both of them succeed the test where Allah replaced Ismail with a qibasy /sheep
Qurban @ Malaysia-C.I.A Album

Miraculously, Prophet Ibrahim has separated for a long time with Siti Hajar @ Hagar and their son Ismail. Parents should learn the parenting skill of Siti Hajar raising Ismail without the presence of Ibrahim, which turns Ismail an obedient son towards his father even though they never been together since Ismail and Hajar were left at the barren valley of Makkah. Allah recorded this special occasion in surah As-Saffat verse 102 to 107
[102] Then, when (the son) reached (the age of) (serious) work with him, he said: "O my son! I see in vision that I offer thee in sacrifice: Now see what is thy view!" (The son) said: "O my father! Do as thou art commanded: thou will find me, if Allah so wills one practising Patience and Constancy!"

[103] So when they had both submitted their wills (to Allah., and he had laid him prostrate on his forehead (for sacrifice),

[104] We called out to him "O Abraham!

[105] "Thou hast already fulfilled the vision!" - thus indeed do We reward those who do right.

[106] For this was obviously a trial-

[107] And We ransomed him with a momentous sacrifice:
Aidiladha: The Past and the Present
Speaking in terms of celebration,it is not a warm festival in most part of Malaysia compared to other countries such as Middle East. Apart from the ritual of slaughtering these animals,every Muslim should appreciate the value and the spirit lies in the celebration itself

For instance, one third of the meat must be distributed to the poor and needy people. Even in our prosperous country there are people who able to eat once a day, not to forget the students especially in religious school who are not having a proper diet due to financial shortfall.

Nowadays, the trend of qurban (the ritual of animal slaughtering) in the poor country such as Cambodia become more popular. It is a healthy culture, where we are able to tighten up Muslim brotherhood across geographical limitation. In addition, we must not forget our brothers and sisters in Indonesia who involved in Merapi and Mentawai catastrophe, even closer our friends and relatives in Kedah and Perlis that just recovered from heavy flood recently.
Qurban @ UCL-Credit:Izzat Ismail

Learnt from the story of Ibrahim’s family, parents play a significant role in producing a good and obedient son/daughter. Nevertheless, family is one of the greatest test for humankind given by Allah where Ibrahim was ordered to leave Hajar and baby Ismail in the barren land of Makkah, and also being ordered by Allah to slaughter his own flesh and blood. It shows us the example of strong faith and devotion to Allah, and only can be achieved through a great sacrifice like Ibrahim a.s

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Wa Lillahil Hamdu